FlackCheck’s Year-End Wrap-Up of 2011

 Most Deceptive Dramatization

Deceptive claim: Current Seniors will lose Medicare
Under the Ryan Plan [TIE]

DCCC Attacked Ryan Plan Using Deceptive Dramatization

Worst of 2011

FlackCheck.org responds to the DCCC and Project Agenda insinuation that the Ryan plan affects current seniors. Lost in the back and forth about whether the Ryan Plan radically changed or ended Medicare is the fact that, contrary to the insinuations of these two videos, it did not affect those 55 and older at all.

The “Worst of the 2011 Worst”: End Medicare for Seniors

Worst of 2011

FlackCheck considers the Democratic claim that the Ryan Plan would end Medicare the worst persistent deception of 2011. Click here to see our takedowns of distortions of the Ryan plan found in a web video by a group calling itself The Agenda Project.


 Most Offensive Dramatization

“Give Us Your Cash…” by Turn Right USA

Worst of 2011

Everyone at FlackCheck.org’s vote for Worst of the Year 2011 is Turn Right USA’s offensive rap web-video attacking California 36th Congressional District candidate Janice Hahn (D).


 Most Deceptive Photoshopping

Worst of the Week – Dec. 3-Dec. 10

Worst of 2011

FlackCheck.org takes issue with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for manipulating a photo of Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown (D) in a new ad attacking his support for Obama administration policies that it sees as tax-increasing and job killing.


 Most Deceptive Use of Audio

Worst of the Week – Nov. 5-Nov. 12

Worst of 2011

Republican presidential candidate Jon M. Huntsman creates a false impression of opponent Mitt Romney through the use of a fake laugh track. FlackCheck.org turns the tables on him.


 Most Out of Context

Both Sides Do It

Worst of 2011

In 2011, the DNC and the Perry and Romney campaigns each fundamentally distorted meaning by taking the words of an opponent out of context on a consequential issue. FlackCheck.org takes on all three in “Both Sides Do It”.


 Empathy Not Evidence

Overstated Asthma Claims

Worst of 2011

FlackCheck.org addresses the League of Women Voters’ ads unfairly criticizing Republican and Democratic Senators for their votes on Clean Air legislation.