“Romney bought companies and drowned them in debt.”

Claim: “Romney bought companies and drowned them in debt.”

Ad(s): “Briefcase”

Sponsor(s): Priorities USA Action

Air Dates: July 3 – Sept. 4

Total Estimated Spending On This Claim: $784,500 ($2,353,501 Total)

Markets: Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Columbus (OH), Denver, Harrisburg, Norfolk, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Tampa, Wilkes Barre

Washington Post The Fact Checker Summary: “It’s a stretch to say Bain “drowned” these companies [Ampad, Dade-Behring, DDi, Cambridge Industries, Maxim Crane, Mother Care, and Stage Stores] in debt, as though the firm purposely drove them toward insolvency or just engaged in unmitigated borrowing sprees. […] It’s also worth noting that a combination of forces besides debt led to insolvency for these companies, including reduced market share, bad economic conditions, and rising interest rates.”


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