“[Oil] production is down where Obama’s in charge.”

Claim: “[Oil] production is down where Obama’s in charge.”

Ad(s): “Too Much”

Sponsor(s): Crossroads GPS

Air Dates: April 11 – June 7

Total Estimated Spending On This Claim:  $558,841

Markets: Cedar Rapids, Charlotesville, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Columbus (OH), Des Moines, Ft. Meyers, Grand Junction, Las Vegas, Lima, Orlando, Reno, Richmond, Tampa, Toledo, West Palm Beach

Politifact Summary: It argues that President Barack Obama takes credit for drilling that resulted from President George W. Bush’s policies, while glossing over a recent decline in production on public land.

While it’s true that the effect of a president’s policies don’t show up in oil production for some time – in some cases, decades – the ad goes too far when it cites a 14 percent decline in production in a single year as evidence of the impact of Obama’s overall energy strategy. The ad says oil production’s down where Obama’s in charge.” The facts show that the decline represents a single year that followed years of substantial gains and occurred only offshore in the wake of a major oil disaster. The ad’s statement is partially accurate but leaves out important details and takes things out of context.

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