India “gained jobs thanks to Romney.”

Claim:  India “gained jobs thanks to Romney.”

Ad(s):  “Romney’s Gold”

Sponsor(s):  Priorities USA Action

Air Dates:  Released July 25, pulled July 26

Total Estimated Spending On This Claim:  Unknown (ad pulled)


Politifact Summary:  “We found that while Romney was governor, Massachusetts had contracts with companies that had customer service call centers in India. That’s not the same as the state directly sending work overseas, but Romney did block a legislative effort to stop that practice. Also, it’s reasonable to conclude that India gained some jobs, at least while the Massachusetts arrangement was in effect.

Meanwhile, during Romney’s time at Bain Capital, he was part of a move to invest in a company called CSI that later merged with another firm to form Stream International, a company that had call centers in India a year after Romney departed to run the Olympics. So while India got some jobs from CSI, Romney’s influence was early and ultimately indirect. On balance, we rated the claim  Half True.”

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