David Gill supports “eliminating Medicare entirely.” (IL US House)

Claim: David Gill supports “eliminating Medicare entirely.” (Out There) “Medicare would no longer exist.”  (Exist)

Ad(s): “Out There”,  “Exist” (“Gill Supports Keeping New Healthcare Law”)

Sponsor(s): National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)

Air Dates: “Out There”: Sept. 21-Present/”Exist”: Sept. 10-Sept. 21

Total Estimated Spending On This Claim: $95,795

Markets:  Champaign, IL


FactCheck.org  Summary: (“Out There”)  “But as he states on his campaign website, Gill supports a health care program ‘that extends coverage to all Americans.’ He said the plan would eliminate the need for Medicare as well as its taxes, which would be supplanted by taxes on income and business payrolls. But the NRCC uses in its ad only one sentence from Gill’s explanation:  ‘Medicare would no longer exist.'”

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Politifact Summary: (“Exist”) “The Physicians for National Health Care plan would ‘end’ Medicare only because it would aim to put everyone — not just senior citizens — in a system designed to run, yes, just like Medicare…[Gill] actually supported an expansion of a government-run plan so that everyone would have Medicare-like coverage — including seniors.

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