Romney “created a government-run healthcare system.”

Claim: Romney “created a government-run healthcare system.”

Ad(s): Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Sponsor(s): Pro-Life Super PAC

Air Dates: Feb. 23-28, 2012

Total Estimated Spending On This Claim: $9,545


FactCheck’s Summary: “Finally, the ad makes the tired claim that Romney ‘created a government-run health care system, using taxpayer dollars to fund abortions.’ The Massachusetts health care law expanded Medicaid, but also expanded private insurance. It’s not a ‘government-run’ system..” Click here to read more

Washington Post The Fact Checker’s Summary:  “In terms of the notion that Romney created a government-run medical system in Massachusetts, we determined in a previous column that the state’s health care system is still a decidedly free-market plan, considering that 81 percent of Massachusetts residents still use unsubsidized private insurance and that the reforms didn’t include price controls. The system program does not constitute socialized medicine, even if it tries to ensure coverage for all Bay State residents.” Click here to read more’s related video(s): We Debunk This “Gov’t Run” Claim, AGAIN.