“Since Obama became president gas prices have nearly doubled.”

Claim:  “Since Obama became president gas prices have nearly doubled.”

Ad(s): Nine Dollar Gas

Sponsor(s): American Energy Alliance

Air Dates: Mar. 30 – Apr. 13, 2012

Total Estimated Spending On This Claim: $660,524 ($1,321,049 Total)

Markets: Albuquerque, Cedar Rapids, Charlotesville, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Columbus (OH), Dayton, Des Moines, Detriot, Flint, Ft. Meyers, Grand Junction, Grand Rapids, Jacksonville, Lansing, Las Vegas, Lima, Norfolk, Orlando, Reno, Richmond, Roanoke, Tampa, Toledo, West Palm Beach


FactCheck’s Summary: “That’s true. But as we’ve  repeatedly written, oil is sold on world markets, and gasoline prices are driven by the cost of oil. The reason for the current spike in oil prices is ‘mainly geopolitical,’ according to Daniel Yergin, chairman of IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates and author of several books on world oil markets. It’s misleading at best to suggest there is a connection between the president’s energy policies and the doubling of gasoline prices..” Click here to read more