“Romney is proposing a huge new $150,000 tax cut for the wealthiest 1%”

Claim: “Romney is proposing a huge new $150,000 tax cut for the wealthiest 1%”

Ad(s): Romney’s World View

Sponsor(s): Priorities USA Action

Air Dates: April 16-21, 2012

Total Estimated Spending On This Claim:  $148,893

Markets: Cleveland, Tampa, Toledo, West Palm Beach, Cedar Rapids, Charlottesville, Cleveland, Columbus (OH), Des Moines, Ft.Meyers, Orlando, Richmond


FactCheck’s Summary: “Romney’s plan would cut tax rates by 20 percent for all taxpayers, not just the wealthiest. Also, that $150,000 tax cut may be inflated because it does not include Romney’s unspecified plans to eliminate some current tax preferences – which would reduce the size of the tax cuts.” Click here to read more

Washington Post The Fact Checker’s Summary: “The ad suggests that Romney’s tax plan is aimed just at the wealthy, but actually it would cut taxes for many Americans – though some lower-income workers would see a tax increase because Romney eliminates an Obama tax cut, according to another analysis by the Tax Policy Center. The wealthiest Americans overall pay the most in taxes, so it should be no surprise that in any across-the-board tax cut, they would get the biggest reduction in taxes.” Click here to read more

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