2012 Election Index

Speech & Debate Check

In Speech and Debate Check, FlackCheck.org synopsizes conclusions reached by fact checkers about speeches and addresses made by elected officials.

2012 Election Forecast

FlackCheck.org collected videos of FactCheck.org’s assessments of claims made by the presidential and vice presidential candidates in speeches and debates.

Fact Checkers on Major Deceptions

At an event at the National Press Club sponsored by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, fact checkers took a look at what deceptions to expect in the upcoming 2012 presidential debates.

Media Watch

FlackCheck.org keeps an eye on cable and network news and political talk shows.

Stinkweeds and Orchids

This FlackCheck.org category keeps an eye on the news media, awarding Stinkweeds to examples of bad conduct and Orchids to examples of good conduct.

They Said WHAT?!

Examples of extreme or hyperbolic language used in political rhetoric.

Free Play: Co-opting the News

A tally of number of seconds of free ad and video time per candidate and group on the five Sunday morning network interview shows.

Taking Down The Worst

This FlackCheck.org category is concerned with political rhetoric across the spectrum: From political advertising, web-only videos, speeches and debates to email, tweets and blog posts.

Deception Log For Station Managers

Throughout the primary season, FlackCheck.org posted regular station alerts to notify local broadcast stations that ads found deceptive by the major fact checking organizations were airing on their stations.